Are we there yet?

Just boarded the bus from Frankfurt, Germany to Prague, Czech Republic.

Local time: 9:50pm. Body time: 2:50pm.

I didn’t sleep as much on the plane as I would have liked to, but I dozed a bit and got to watch “Can You Ever Forgive Me” as well as the end of “Aquaman” (which I started on the return flight from SLC last weekend). We took about a 2 hour nap earlier and walked around a bunch, plus ate decadent food and had boozy drinks.

Pretzel dumplings, open lasagna, dark beer for Owen and cider drink for me. Plus sorbet. All the flavors. Pics to come (can’t upload from my phone yet, but working on it!).

I’m fairly confident I’ll sleep on the bus.

Oh, and for some completely unexpected reason, I have almost said “grazi” half a dozen times instead of “danke”. Weird brain.

Most European moments of the day

  • 20-something white dude with 2″ gold chain poking out of his gray t-shirt, wearing gray sweat pants
  • Adult woman playing Twister in a maxi dress with a little boy, while the dad spun the wheel & called out moves (on the sidewalk at the airport)
  • Heard at least 4 distinct languages in various conversations
  • KM based speed limit signs and roundabouts!

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