Same Tram, New Direction

The 22 is the tram I take to Kampa (the theatre/school campus) everyday. We pass the National Theatre, cross one bridge with a view of the Charles Bridge and basically have an excellent view for the 10 minutes it takes to get there.

Today, I took the same tram in the opposite direction as our first rehearsal at the performance location starts in about 10 minutes. I wasn’t able to Catie the approach to the garden (I may have been busy freaking out that I had missed the stop I was supposed to transfer at), but once I excited the tram, I was able to take these photos of the cathedral that welcomed me to this part of town.

Good old 22 tram

And, to allay your fears, this IS where I’m supposed to get me connecting tram. Yay!

Flower seller near the cathedral
Better photo… Also, I’ll look up the name and update the caption!

PS – now I’m at rehearsal (arrived exactly at 10!) having swiftly passed about 2 dozen other photo-worthy sights. I’ll surely have time at lunch to gather more images.


My new favorite Czech word. I can “accurately” pronounce about 5 words, and zmirzlina is my favorite.

It helps that it means ice cream.

Yesterday, I said procim – which means both “please” and “excuse me” – on the tram and the person moved so I could move further into the tram. Yes, just like Chicago, people step onto the tram and then BLOCK the doorway. Le sigh.

What Main Street

It’s been 6 days of making the same tram trip to/from school’s campus and just this morning, I realized that the drop off in the morning is on one “main street” and the pick up in the evening is on a perpendicular “main street”.


Last night the “silence your cell phones” announcement started at 7:58 and cue 1 hit right at 8:00pm.

Let’s see what happens tonight!

Box office reception at Estates Theatre
Cherubic detail of Estates Theatre

Guys, Mozart premiered Don Giovanni here. Right. Here

First day of school

Apparently it’s not been this hot in recent memory, but it’s been in the 90s yesterday and all day today. A/C is not really in Vogue in Praha (as the locals call it), so we closed ourselves into the flat for some siesta time yesterday afternoon.

We ventured out to the Charles bridge and had some traditional ice cream (that wasn’t actually ice cream – the cone was amazing though… Think of an elephant ear, and cinnamon roll twisted into a cone shape) and heard an according player, someone on the digeridoo and saw a string quartet. Very nice stroll.

This morning we headed out to the Lego Museum, hoping for some cooler indoor air. It was definitely less muggy, and the various set-ups were very impressive.

LEGO mural of Prague

Speaking of dragons… Just for out of orientation where we were told no cruelty would be tolerated. Our “safe word” is dragon. If at anytime someone twists an able or has an issue if any kind, we’re meant to say “Dragon” and everyone will stop whatever they are doing.

LEGO dragon

I audition in about 90 minutes but am otherwise just trying to stay cool and hydrated. It rained a bit on the way here from the flat and it’s supposed to drop to the high 70s by tomorrow. Can’t. Wait.

Kim’s first day of school 2019

Lost post from last night

I did write a post yesterday about the flat and travel but when I went to add a photo, something went wrong and no draft could be recovered. The inspiration left me and I went to bed. In honor of that lost post, here’s a pic of the flat Owen and I are sharing this month.

Are we there yet?

Just boarded the bus from Frankfurt, Germany to Prague, Czech Republic.

Local time: 9:50pm. Body time: 2:50pm.

I didn’t sleep as much on the plane as I would have liked to, but I dozed a bit and got to watch “Can You Ever Forgive Me” as well as the end of “Aquaman” (which I started on the return flight from SLC last weekend). We took about a 2 hour nap earlier and walked around a bunch, plus ate decadent food and had boozy drinks.

Pretzel dumplings, open lasagna, dark beer for Owen and cider drink for me. Plus sorbet. All the flavors. Pics to come (can’t upload from my phone yet, but working on it!).

I’m fairly confident I’ll sleep on the bus.

Oh, and for some completely unexpected reason, I have almost said “grazi” half a dozen times instead of “danke”. Weird brain.

Most European moments of the day

  • 20-something white dude with 2″ gold chain poking out of his gray t-shirt, wearing gray sweat pants
  • Adult woman playing Twister in a maxi dress with a little boy, while the dad spun the wheel & called out moves (on the sidewalk at the airport)
  • Heard at least 4 distinct languages in various conversations
  • KM based speed limit signs and roundabouts!

Czech Out This Mess

What do you take on a 1 month Shakespeare Intensive in Prague?

Owen & I head to the airport tomorrow and final preparations are underway!

Backroom Shakespeare – Hamlet

Fireside Bar Monday, May 13th

A great experience – Shakespeare as it was done in its original form, one rehearsal and no director. The style was complete with contemporary political references and believable, realistic characters that allowed you to see yourself in their situations. The occasional f-bomb was most appropriate and the story telling in general felt truly organic.

I particularly enjoyed the role of Polonius, and it is now one of my Role Goals. #BackroomShakes